ASTWA Ltd. was established in 1992 and since then it has been supplying all sectors of industry and local community with a vast range of waste management services including waste disposal and recycling. 

The company, with the working staff of about 90 people, has its own fleet of trucks. The fleet consist of about thirty specialist modern vehicles including MERCEDES, MAN and IVECO trucks. The company is in the possession of two state of the art snow ploughs EPOKE AND SCHMIDT for winter cleaning and BRODD-SON sweepers for year-round cleaning of streets and squares. With our state of the art equipment and highly qualified working staff we are able to offer full range of waste management services: solid waste disposal and utilisation, selective waste collection, liquid waste disposal and year-round cleaning of streets and squares.
     ASTWA in order to follow the market development and changes in Polish legal regulations, which has been an undergoing process in harmonisation with the European Union standards, since 2001 has developed new services of collecting hazardous waste: medical, fluorescent lamps and asbestos.
     Among the company’s customers are: housing co-operatives and housing estates, organised units such as: state owned enterprises and institutions, private enterprises and domestic premises. The services meet the needs of all sectors of the waste disposal market. In a short time ASTWA has achieved almost 40 per cent of the local market share and it collaborates with over 40 counties of the Podlasie Voivodeship.
     As a servicing company we attach a great importance to the best quality of service, as well as to the tidiness of containers and equipment. As a result of that we introduced new German containers MGB of 120 litre capacity, which were either more convenient and aesthetic. We also use a range of specialist metal containers PA type and KP-7 type for the waste collection and a modern set of specialist vehicles.

New legal regulations as well as significance of environment protection has made it necessary to search for new, modern and pro-ecological ways of waste management and waste treatment. At the moment initial works and formal arrangements for the construction of high-temperature recycling installation are being considered. It is a cutting edge technology of waste treatment with a heat energy and raw material energy recovery. The final products are technological gases for industrial purposes. Thus, waste treatment means the processing of waste into useful products, which is a main idea of recycling. Currently the technology of high-temperature recycling is successfully applied in Germany, Italy, Japan and the USA. Its introduction in Poland, by ASTWA, will place the company in the position of an equal partner to the modern companies within waste management market in the world.

     As the only company in Poland, ASTWA Ltd. has successfully implemented Integrated Management System according to international standards ISO9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and PN-N-18001:2004 - Environmental Management, Health and Safety Management. Our Certificates guarantee the best quality of services and firm’s commitment to environmental protection and assurance of safety of work.
     Since June 2000, the company has been allowed to use GREEN LUNGS OF POLAND promotional trademark on "the buildings, equipment, installations, waste containers and all the leaflets and brochures on promoting a correct methods for collecting, disposing, processing and recycling communal and industrial waste in order to protect natural environment of North Eastern part of Poland."
ASTWA co-operates with numerous entities operating in the city and in the region. It is also in touch with other companies operating successfully in the market. ASTWA is a member of several business organisations including: Podlasie Business Club, Chamber of Commerce, Association of Merchants, Producers and Service Providers, the Association of Polish Engineers and Technicians in the United States and the prestigious Business Centre Club - one of the most powerful business organisations operating in Poland.